Fluorescent GFP Reporter for Transfection Efficiency

Published September 11, 2017

The TGEX™-eGFP vector is a green fluorescent reporter designed to monitor transfection efficiency during transient gene expression in mammalian cell suspensions culture. TGEX™-eGFP vector can be used as a single component during transfection to analyze transfection efficiency or at a lower level, between 5% and 10% of the total DNA, to measure efficiency during transient gene expression.

New: FAST-Licase Cloning

Published January 29, 2017

ntibody Design Labs is proud to announce the availability of the FAST-Licase™ cloning system. FAST-licase enables the ultra-fast cloning in just a few seconds of two or more DNA fragments by homologous recombination. This novel toolbox for the molecular biologist rethink traditional cloning with immense savings of both time and money.

New Phagemid Vector pADL-100™ Series for Peptide Display

Published July 01, 2016

hagemid vector pADL-100 is now available in store. The pADL-100™ phagemid series offers the highest levels of display and multivalency necessary for the successful selection of peptides of low to very low affinity. This new vector is your best choice for the display of peptide libraries.

Llama Single Domain Antibodies

Published May 10, 2016

We now offers a complete line of services for single domain antibody development, from handling animals and immunization at the farm to building & screening of single domain antibody phage libraries and large scale production of recombinant single domain antibodies. Please inquire HERE.

New Antibody Engineering Services

Published November 30, 2015

e now offer sequencing of antibodies and cloning into any formats as a service into any of our expression vectors. Once we have the clone, we can express your antibody at any scale. Seamless ordering, fast & reliable delivery. Please inquire HERE.

Validating Phage Clones as scFv-Fc Fusions

Published October 01, 2015

The TGEX-SCblue vector let you transfer scFv fragments seamlessly between phage clones and an Fc fusion cassette thanks to a common double SfiI site, enabling easy and rapid validation of new antibodies as scFv-Fc fusions.

TGEX Mammalian Expression Vector Series

Published October 01, 2015

TheTGEX™ Vector Series is designed for the rapid transient expression of antibodies under varied formats (full antibodies, Fab fragments, Fc fusions, scFv-Fc fusions). Yields in widely available mammalian cell culture systems in suspension and serum-free conditions are between 10 mg/L and 100 m g/L in just a few days.

In the news: Manabodies

Published August 13, 2015

In a ground breaking work, Skora et al. just published in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences the isolation of “manabodies” or antibodies that binds mutation-associated neo-antigens (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2015; 112(32):9967-72). Antibodies associated to cancer related mutated peptides presented by MHC molecules are notoriously difficult to isolate. This achievement was made through the use of the pADL-10b phagemid vector.

Novel pIII-Defective Helper Phage Enhances Display

Published May 08, 2015

M13KO7d3 is a novel helper phage engineered for multivalent phage display. M13KO7d3 lacks a functional gene III driving the display of pIII-fusion proteins expressed by the phagemid. M13KO7d3 is similar to pIII-defective helpers such as Hyperphage, Ex-Phage or Phaberge that have been shown to increase display of scFv by a factor up to 100-fold and more.

Phage Competent Cells to Streamline Phage Display

Published April 07, 2015

hage-Competent™ cells are concentrated stabilized bacterial cells with multiple applications in phage display. These cells can undergo multiple freeze-thaw cycles without losing their titer and can be expanded without latency to generate large volumes of cells ready for transduction. Phage infectivity is usually equal or higher than infectivity measured on bacteria freshly prepared and transduction gives more reliable and reproducible numbers of cfu and pfu. Today we are pleased to make TG1 and SS320 cells available under this new format.