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Technical Description

pADL™-23c is a phagemid vector designed for phage display on the N-terminal side of the protein III of the filamentous bacteriophage M13 or equivalent. This vector contains a PelB leader sequence for expression in the periplasm, a double-SfiI cloning site to introduce scFvs or Fab fragments, a HIS tag for purification, a Myc tag for detection and an amber codon located before the full-length copy of the gene III sequence. On non-suppressive bacterial strains, free scFvs or Fab fragments are produced in the periplasm where they can be assayed for binding or purified for further testing. Expression of the fusion is under the control of a lac promoter that has been adjusted at a level comparable to the widely used phagemid pCOMB3.


pADL-23 Western blot

Figure 1. Binding of Myc tag antibody to HyHEL-10 scFv. Western blot analysis of periplasmic extracts prepared from varied phagemids containing the HyHEL-10 scFv insert. Only the scFv derived from pADL-23 exhibits a strong reactivity with a Myc tag antibody (Lane A: pADL-20, Lane B: pADL-22, Lane C: pADL-23).


  • Phage display at the N-terminal side of gene III protein of the filamentous bacteriophage.

  • Free scFv or Fab expression.

For research use only; not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.


General Characteristics:

Plasmid Size: 3960
Promoter: lac promoter
Leader Peptide: PelB
Cloning Site: double-BglI/SfiI, NotI-SpeI
Purification: HIS tag
Detection: Myc tag
Fusion Protein: full length gene III protein and conditional Amber stop codon
Selection: ampicillin
Replication: oriF1, pMB1

Physical Characteristics:

Concentration: 0.5 µg/µl.
Product Size: 10 µg.
Buffer: DNA Conservation Buffer (Tris/HCL 5 mM, EDTA 0.1 mM, pH 8.5, sterile).
Storage Temperature: -20°C.

Quality Control & Certification of Analysis

Product Size:

Digestion by EcoRI and NheI generates 2 fragments of 2.6 kb and 1.4 kb.

Product Sequence:

Complete vector sequence is analyzed.


Product meets all specifications.