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Technical Description

M13KO7d3 is a helper phage engineered for multivalent phage display. M13KO7d3 is a derivative of M13KO7 (1) having a wild-type pIII phenotype which allows efficient bacterial transduction but lacking a functional pIII gene thus driving the display of pIII-fusion proteins expressed by the phagemid on the phage head (2). The use of pIII-defective helper phage has been shown to increase display of scFv by a factor up to 100-fold and more (3-5). This preparation contains enough helper phage to superinfect up to 0.5 L (500 ml) of TG1 culture. Other bacterial strains may require different amounts of M13KO7d3 helper phage. More information can be found here.


  • Phage display.

For research use only; not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.


M13KO7d3 virions were isolated from the supernatant of infected E. coli TG1 cells with a functional gene III and purified by PEG precipitation.


Composition: 50% glycerol TBS buffered.

Concentration: 1.0 x1013 virions/ml.

Storage temperature: -20°C.

Product size: 0.5 ml.

Quality Control & Certification of Analysis

Virion concentration

Phage DNA concentrations are determined by UV spectrophotometry and virion concentrations calculated based on the length of M13KO7d3 genome.


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