FAST-Licase - 100 rxns


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FAST-Licase - 100 rxns

Technical Description

FAST-Licase™ enables the ultra-fast seamless cloning of two or more DNA fragments. This cloning method is based on the homologous recombination of short, 15 to 20 bp-long overlaps between fragments resulting in precise and unique cloning events. The licase complex comprises a series a DNA modifying enzymes that are sequentially activated to achieve an extremely high cloning efficiency in just a few seconds. Competent bacteria with medium transformation efficiency in the range 1 x 108 transformants/µg are usually sufficient to complete cloning projects, thus saving both on time and expenses.

Licase cloning

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  • Assembly of 2 or more DNA fragments.

  • Cloning of large DNA fragments.

  • Mutagenesis.

  • Insertion of short DNA sequences.


  • DNA assembly between 2 s and 2:30 min (water bath or thermo-cycler).

  • Very high insertion rate.

  • Incredible time saver.

  • High-efficiency competent bacteria unneeded.

  • No positive control required.

For research use only; not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.


Physical characteristics:

Licase™ Complex: 100 µl.
Buffer 5x: 1000 µl.
Storage Temperature: -20°C.

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